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If you've found yourself in a legal battle, you need a skilled attorney to represent you and protect your rights. But if you choose just any attorney, you might end up fighting with your legal representation as much as you do with the court.

You can get personalized legal services when you visit Harrison Law LLC. Joshua Harrison is a local attorney in Oklahoma City, OK who works directly with each client. He'll examine your situation, explain your options and work with you every step of the way to resolve your situation with the best possible outcome.

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What Are Your Legal Concerns?

With plenty of experience in and out of the courtroom, attorney Harrison can provide legal services for all kinds of situations. Turn to Harrison Law for...

  • Family law cases involving divorce, child custody disputes, paternity disputes or victim protective orders
  • Criminal law cases including both felony and misdemeanor charges, such as drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes and property crimes
  • Estate planning services including executing a will or setting up powers of attorney, a will or a trust

You can rest assured that Joshua Harrison will keep you informed every step of the way so you can get through the legal process as easily as possible. Hire a criminal law, divorce or probate attorney by contacting Joshua Harrison today.

Does Your Case Belong In Court?

Attorney Harrison will examine every possible option for resolving your case favorably. If your case can be settled outside the courtroom, we'll negotiate with the other party to help you receive the best possible outcome and save you time and stress.

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