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Drug Charges Attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Turn to A Criminal Law Attorney in Oklahoma City, OK

Drug trafficking, possession with the intent to distribute and prescription drug charges are all serious issues that can be prosecuted as felonies. If you're dealing with a drug charge, turn to Harrison Law LLC in Oklahoma City, OK. Attorney Harrison takes on a variety of criminal law cases, including cases related to drug laws.

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Learn More About Common Defenses for Drug Charges

Criminal law is a complex field that can result in discrepancies. If you're facing charges, your attorney may take several different approaches to your case. They may argue that:

  • Police performed an unreasonable search

  • There was no independent verification of drug tests

  • There is insufficient evidence or illegally obtained evidence

These are just a few of the possible defenses your attorney may use. If you have any questions for an attorney, contact attorney Harrison today.