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Maybe the child support agreement the court initially set doesn't work for your family. Maybe your circumstances changed, and the agreement should too. If you believe your child support arrangement should be updated, Harrison Law LLC can help. Our family law firm accepts all kinds of child support cases and will go over every detail of your situation. You can count on us to do what it takes, including subpoenaing bank records if needed. We'll help create a strong argument to prove your case and help you get a favorable outcome.

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When Modifying a Child Support Arrangement Makes Sense

Not sure if your situation qualifies for a modification? Our family law firm can explain your options. We help with cases like...

  • Enforcing a child support order on a spouse who refuses to make payments

  • Reducing your child support obligation if your spouse is earning more income

  • Arguing for an increase in child support if your circumstances have changed significantly

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