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You have enough to worry about after the loss of a loved one. The last thing you need during this difficult time is a long and stressful battle with the court. Harrison Law LLC can help make the probate process as smooth and easy as possible. Joshua Harrison is an experienced probate attorney who will work with you directly on everything from filing documents to handling potential disputes. You'll be able to focus on your family knowing you have legal representation on your side protecting your loved one's interests.

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If you don't have a legal plan in place, it'll be up to the court to decide what happens to your assets after you're gone. You can dictate what decisions you want to be made by working with attorney Harrison. As a wills and trusts attorney, Joshua Harrison can help you...

  • Set up powers of attorney to let someone you trust make medical or financial decisions for you if you're ever incapacitated

  • Designate beneficiaries to receive specific parts of your estate after you pass on

  • Create a trust that will let you customize how, when and to whom your assets are distributed

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