Adoption Will Give Your Little One the Same Rights as a Biological Child

Our family law firm in Oklahoma City, OK can simplify this complex process

You may comfort your child when they're sick, change their diapers and read them bedtime stories. But until you go through the formal adoption process, the court won't consider you to be a child's parent. Adopting a child can be a time-consuming, often confusing process, so turn to a local family law firm for support.

Harrison Law LLC helps families in Oklahoma City, OK and surrounding areas understand the benefits of adoption and navigate the process. Reach out today to learn about the rights you and your adopted child might gain.

You'll be glad you chose Harrison Law

You'll be glad you chose Harrison Law

Our family law firm can assist with any infant and child adoption in the Oklahoma City, OK area. It doesn't matter whether...

  • The child lives with you, with their biological parents or in foster care
  • You're working with an agency or adopting a child independently
  • The child is related to you by blood or by marriage, or not at all
  • The biological parents are involved or out of the picture
  • The child was born in Oklahoma or overseas

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