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10 Things to Do Before Your Case Starts

Many times, litigation comes out of the blue catching you by surprise. However, sometimes you know that a case is coming. Maybe your spouse has expressed a desire to get divorced, maybe you heard someone has accused you of a crime, maybe someone has...

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Felony Roadmap: The First Steps in Your Case

When you or someone you know has been charged with a felony, it can be a confusing and scary experience. What happens next? What can I do to make my case go as well as possible? In this series I will outline a generic roadmap of a felony case from the...

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Divorce Roadmap: Starting your Divorce

How does a divorce begin and what happens next? The end goal of a divorce is clear; the ending of a marriage and the splitting of property. How to get from the decision to end a marriage, to the final order from the Judge has many twists and turns. In...

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